’tis always
the season!

Any day is a great day for a little noggy goodness. Impress friends with fancy craft cocktails or make it your top-secret ingredient in all sorts of cakes, pies and other tasty treats.

Borden EggNog is...

Creamy and dreamy

Sweeter than sunshine

As rich as liquid gold

Available year round

Nutrition Facts

How to share the love

Round up your friends, family and neighbors. There are oodles of fun ways to enjoy Borden EggNog’s awesome flavor all year long!

Cool Cocktails

Show off your creativity with unique and irresistible craft cocktails.

Sounds Delish

Family Faves

Treat the kids to homemade horchata and other classic favorites.

Now That's Fun

Better Baking

Give your fabulous baked goodies something extra special.

Let's Do It

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