Frequently Asked

Buy It

Can I buy eggnog in the summer?

As the only shelf-stable eggnog, we’re one of the few that you can enjoy all year round. You’ll find us at select retailers and our online shop.

Is Borden EggNog available in cans?

We switched to cartons several years ago to give our customers a resealable option. Rest assured we haven’t changed the recipe one bit!

Drink It

Is eggnog served hot or cold?

Most people prefer to enjoy Borden EggNog chilled, and it should be refrigerated after opening.

Does eggnog taste like eggs?

Eggnog does not taste like eggs. It’s a sweet, rich, creamy beverage with a hint of spice.

Can you drink eggnog straight?

You bet! Our eggnog is ready to drink right out of the carton.

What do you mix with eggnog?

Eggnog is great on its own but some enjoy it mixed with spirits like bourbon or rum.

Feel Good

Is Borden eggnog pasteurized?

Yes, it is. We make our eggnog from pasteurized eggs. Then, the final product is pasteurized and packed aseptically.

Does eggnog have raw eggs?

It does but the pasteurization process makes it totally safe to drink.

Why is my eggnog so thick?

Time and refrigeration can thicken your eggnog. But no need to worry. There’s no food safety risk associated with drinking thick eggnog.

If you have any further questions or concerns, just reach out to us at or 800-328-7656. Please be ready with the time stamp from the top of your carton.